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Back where it all began in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

I rushed to the nearest restroom to comb through my hair and make sure my make-up looked just right. My hands grew sweaty as I made my way to the big round desk placed in front of a set of large purple lockers. I slowly put on my blazer and could not help but think, the moment I have worked so hard for, is finally here. I placed myself at the desk and practiced my smile for the camera. The set lights came on and my heart began to pound faster. I re-read my script over and over again until it echoed in my brain. It was my first day as the sports anchor for my high school and I was determined to make sure my segment of “Sports with Chels” was not going to disappoint. 


Despite what the butterflies in my stomach were thinking, I knew I could do this. I figured my first broadcast was going to be intimidating. I had been thinking of that moment for months, weeks, days and even hours to when the lights would flip on and the camera began to roll. 


The countdown from five followed by a deep breath, started what would be a long journey of working in sports journalism. 

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