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Feature Stories
"Write what should not be forgotten." - Isabel Allende

Fresh 'Phins: 
Newcomers making a statement  
The ball hits the hardwood and lands directly into her grasp. She begins to pivot while her eyes cautiously scope out her teammates positioning, then proceeds to make her way across the court as the clock begins to count down from 60 seconds...
Home Sweet Home: 
How Sackor has made Jacksonville her own. 
MicrosoftTeams-image (17).png

Streets and neighborhood sidewalks begin to fill with fallen orange and crimson leaves. Temperatures dip, forcing residents in the Northeast to retrieve light winter gear from their coat closets. 1,100 miles down the Atlantic coast, the feeling of summer still echoes through warmer weather...

_OON3634 (1).jpg

Triple Threat:
How Brock, Kinsey & Elms plan to help the Dolphins reach
new heights next season. 

The stomping of cleats hitting the ground in unison echoed as they filed into the locker room and gathered into a circle. Squeezing each other tightly, the team bowed their heads...

Breaking Barriers:
How Scanlan is making waves in the indigenous lacrosse world. 

Her long black hair bounces off her shoulders as she rushes down the field with her eyes locked on the goal, her hands gripped tightly around her lacrosse stick. Once she slings the ball with force past the goalkeeper, she erupts into celebration...


She reaches into her pocket and whips out her smartphone. After locating her Google Calendar, various colors reflect her tasks for the day: green represents lacrosse, while blue stands for school and red symbolizes NROTC...  

Carolan's Calendar
The epitome of a student-athlete.


Gray & Levy
Brotherhood in Goal

­Chanting paired with the roaring of cleats trampling the soft, wet grass starts to evolve as the clock counts down from ten. As the noise on the sideline grows louder and louder, the final whistle sounds and chaos erupts...

gray story.jfif
championship story.jfif
Championship Chase
New Situation; Same Goal

An abundance of gray clouds gathered over Southern Oak Stadium and rain violently started to pour. Puddles began to form in various spots, as the players' jerseys collected mud from sliding across the field...

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