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Selfie Game Strong

Taking a selfie in the bathroom at the Baseball ASUN Conference Tournament in May.

JUMBO shrimp

My first Jumbo Shrimp game! The Jumbo Shrimp baseball club is the AAA team for the Miami Marlins. I attended the game with my co-workers as a fun "day out of the office" type of activity.

Soccer Selfie

Working my first men's soccer game and there was a three-hour rain delay that eventually led to the game being rescheduled.

NC-Double-Hey look ma, I made it!

I had the privilege to cover the Jacksonville women's lacrosse program in the NCAA Tournament. It was the first time I had ever been the SID for a program that had gone to the tournament. The Dolphins competed in Gainesville, Florida.


Trying to be artsy and capture the ASUN Conference Tournament marking they had all over the field.

Baseball by the Beach? Yes, Please!

Does not get any better than baseball by the water!

New Hobby

Continuing the trend of hoisting trophies that I had no part in earning. Grateful I was able to act as the SID for a day during the ASUN Conference Baseball tournament.


Another marking at the tournament, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hoisting the Hardware

My new favorite activity is taking pictures with trophies that I did absolutely nothing to earn. I had the opportunity to travel with the JU women's LAX team to the ASUN Conference Tournament, which the team won.

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