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I sighed as I slowly dragged the mouse with my pointer finger to click on my resume and hit the upload button. I remember feeling defeated and anxious as I submitted my 104th job application in eight months. Each day my mind went back to the same thought, "would I ever get the chance to work in sports again?" After moving home due to COVID and graduating college virtually, I grew more and more fearful that I would never gain the chance to work in the industry that I am so passionate about. 


It seemed as if the dark cloud of worry was never going to go away, until In the middle of an afternoon, my phone rang. It was on the phone call that my anxiousness was released. After a voice told me, "We want to offer you the job," my eyes filled with tears. I had found my way back into sports as a Communications Assistant for Jacksonville University Athletics. Similar to my other adventures, I had made the decision to pack my belongings and move to unfamiliar territory. 

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