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Trips Down Memory Lane

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Snowflakes appear like spider webs on my apartment windows as they stick together across the glass so delicately. As the icy weather continues to cause snowfall during my first New England winter, I tend to stay huddled inside more than usual.

However, my introverted self does not mind.

My ideal weekend consists of ordering takeout and lounging on the couch while watching ESPN 30 for 30s. This past weekend in particular, my roommate decided to join me. As a die-hard Denver sports fan that hails from Ohio, the culture that is Red Sox baseball, and Boston sports in general, is new to her.

Naturally I had to show her my favorite documentary, Four Days in October…For educational purposes, of course.

I have seen this documentary more times than I can count, to the point where I could quote the film verbatim. I’ll never forget watching it for the first time right after it came out when I was 13. Hearing the story told from the perspective of the players completely opened my eyes to how the events occurred. I was obsessed over it so much, my parents bought me a copy on DVD.

Just a few weeks before the 2004 ALCS went down, I turned seven. Being as young as I was, I know for a fact my eyes could not stay awake during games that were played into extra innings. Plus, as someone who had to prepare to make it through another day of first grade, bedtime on a school night was non-negotiable. But for some reason each time I watch the documentary, I feel as if I remember everything like a recurring memory and nothing, all at once.

Working for the Sea Dogs has led me to uncover pictures, videos and hear stories about the Red Sox players I grew up admiring. I did not realize most of them had spent any time at Hadlock Field before making it to the show, some even joining the roster that went down in history for breaking the Curse of the Bambino.

Around Portland, long-time Sea Dogs fans are quick to share stories about witnessing recent Boston legends like David Ortiz; and guys who made a name for themselves in the organization such as Bogaerts, Betts and Bradley Jr.

After being so fascinated over photos of these players from the 90’s through the 2000’s, it really makes me think…Would I have known about these players had they not put on a Red Sox uniform and competed under the Fenway Park lights?

Witnessing my roommates' eyes in awe after learning a chunk of Red Sox history made me smile, and even chuckle a few times. For me, this knowledge is just second nature. But to her, and probably very young Boston fans, it is a part of history that has to be learned. This has since inspired me to try and share unique stories of the players as much as possible, to capture Bostons tomorrow as they too could make it to Bean Town and carve their name into Red Sox history books.

I hope one day to share a story so powerful, it helps someone feel like they witnessed everything and nothing, all at once.

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