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Vox is a small-city magazine based in Columbia, Missouri. The magazine covers Columbia’s local culture, profiles the human condition, provides reviews, tips and informs  readers on what is trending. During the summer of 2020 I was able to join the staff as a contributing writer. I enjoyed working for Vox because it helped me grasp magazine writing skills and explore topics outside of sports. 
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Bearded Brothers Tacos food truck: Finding success while opening during a pandemic. 
Latte Art: A local barista discusses how to make your own at home.  
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Rainbow House and The Boys & Girls Club: Columbia's youth organizations face uncertainty amid COVID-19.
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Greenhouse Theatre Project stages a one-woman show online: NATURAL SHOCKS explores the themes of trauma and abuse. 
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Antonio Rainey and Lamarr Holt throw it back every day at their clothing shop, Vintage Collectible Retro
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Domestic violence in a pandemic: Elizabeth Braatan Palmieri starred and co-directed the one-woman show. 

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